The goal of Bay State Posture is to alleviate back pain and improve physical performance in all areas of life using the principles and exercises of Foundation Training. We also teach and support the growth of Foundation Training in New England.

Foundation Training is a series of exercises, created by Dr. Eric Goodman, to alleviate chronic back pain, improve posture and enhance athletic ability. Foundation Training strengthens the posterior chain and lower back. It is deceptively simple and difficult at the same time. FT can be performed by people of all ages and abilities.

Foundation Training is an accessory to other activities to avoid typical breakdowns in our bodies and learn how to move better for all the myriad activities we enjoy. FT can be done by anybody at any age, anywhere, indoors or out; no special equipment is needed. Once you learn the basics, you don’t need continuous instruction, unless you want to work with a coach. ¬†Foundation Training has helped thousands of people eliminate back pain and prevent spinal surgery. When the goal is moving well, FT useful for everyone.

Key concepts:
Strengthening the posterior chain
Head position

Services offered:
FT group classes
FT individual instruction
FT instruction via Skype

About us:
Dave Raftery is a certified FT student instructor, having completed an intensive FT Instructor course with Dr Eric Goodman, the founder of FT. Dave is an experienced teacher, having taught the complex martial art of Aikido for over 20 years.

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